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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 1, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. out with the old, in with the new. we've got the best of both when it comes to viral videos. it's time to kick off 2014 "right this minute." a driver comes up on a little road rage. just when you think it's over -- >> the chase is on. >> so what happens when the raid turns into a roadside show. >> come on, baby, come on, baby! >> the crowd is with him as firefighters try to save his life. >> and they're working on a 58-year-old man named artie.
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>> breathe, breathe. >> come on, fight! >> now the heros from engine 5 tell us about an accident victim's miracle recovery. >> he couldn't believe the people that had stepped up. >> underwater oral hygiene. >> watch w going to come do his cleaning. >> the squeaky way to squeaky teeth. plus the race is on. see how two dudes tip their hats to the new year. >> they shouldn't stretch that big. >> if you're in russia and you own a dash cam, you pretty much got year-rond entertainment. in this particular dash cam you're going to see an entertaining yet violent road rage incident. they are stopped in the middle of the road having a war of words, but the minivan takes off and speeds away. now, the silver car starts chasing the minivan, pulse in front of the minivan, cuts him off and the guy gets out of the
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silver car. no, i'm not stopping for you. the chase is on again. these look like potentially snowy, icy roads. >> good thing the guy doesn't have anything to do. >> the minivan skids down. >> now you think guy in silver car has had enough. oh, no. >> guy with knife gets out of silver car. >> looks like he's ice skating on the van. >> the guy with the knife falls and busts his butt. now they just stand and have a war of words with their knives held at the ready position. >> what's wrong with people. >> was he really going to stab this guy? >> are you going to murder a guy in the ditch because i cut you
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off? >> he could murder the guy and dig a hole with the shovel. >> the shovel was there. >> give it a hard go, baby. >> you're about to witness a really, really tense moment caught on camera in rochester, new york. this is the crew from engine 5 in rochester. and they're working on a 58-year-old man named artie, who just ran into a utility pole. >> come on, baby, come on, baby. >> breathe, breathe, you got family. >> two of the guys were able to get into his car, unbuckle him, pull him out. you can see he was purple, he wasn't breathing. they believe he also had a heart attack. there is quite a crowd around witnessing these guys do their work. >> you can do it, guy, come on, baby! >> you hear all these people in the background cheering this guy on and then cheering on the guys
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from engine 5. >> you can do it, baby. come on, buddy. >> all of a sudden, listen to what some people start to say. >> his color's changing. >> he's coming back. >> come on, baby! >> all of a sudden they stop and everybody starts cheering. that's where the video ends. the police department asked the person filming this to shut off the camera at this point. but artie will make a full recovery. obviously a big thank to the guys from engine 5. so we've got john, chris, cory and scott joining us right this minute from rochester. great work and congratulations on this rescue. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> tell us about what you guys walked into after this crash. >> it occurred right across the street from the fire station. someone came up to the front door and said someone just hit the truck. as soon as we don't went down the driveway, you could see he
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wasn't breathing because he was so purple. >> do you think the crowd helped? >> i've done cpr in crowds before, i never heard that. >> artie calls himself sympathy retired. he said seeing the video was like watching the movie. he can't believe that was him. he now has a pace make are and doo fibrillator. he said now he's just living life. >> come on, baby! >> you know when your 13-year-old son needs his teeth cleaned and needs some dental work, you take him to the dentist office. >> this is way cooler. >> that is it 13-year-old russell. watch what russell is doing.
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he takes out his breathing apparatus. he's got his mouth open and watch who is going to come do his cleaning. not a sexy nurse. >> the little cleaner shrimp, right? >> that is the cleaner shrimp. they say it's very rare to find cleaner shrimp -- >> they say the cleaner shrimp come into their mouths and he said it took about 30 seconds for that shrimp to get there and he had his mouth open for over 40 seconds while it's in there cleaning out your teeth. >> the shrimp comes equipped with like floss. >> what must that feel like, though, just crawling all around, a live thing just crawling all around in your mouth. >> he tells us. he said it tickles a little but other than that his mouth neat. >> i wonder, though, if his
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mouth is left cleanier or dirtier than before. >> time for a bungee jumping world record, jumping off from a 750 foot cliff in u cane, total freefall of 557 feet. but watch. >> oh, no, no. >> our jumper here, suspended by that bungee cord, hooks through skin in his back, what they call suspension hooks. >> let's don't. let's don't get a closer look at those rigs. >> they do the piercings right before so the skill is still wrong. it's not like one of those old holes. >> they also do a lot of, like, calculations, the force and the weight and they know it's not going to rip through. zuch see his skin pull when he finally gets -- ah! >> it's like when a mom cat
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picks u the baby d carries it ound. >> but that doesn't look painful. this looks horrible. >> he certainly doesn't look like it hurting. when he . >> two outdoorsmen try to save one buck hooked to another. when the buck doesn't say thank you. >> and there a proposal videos -- >> and there are proposal videos. >> and meet the happy couple and how he got into those tight
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clothes. >> takes a real man to wear this. >> yeah,right!
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hey, don't forget there's an app for iphones and watch videos any time where you are. >> i'm just trying this at home. we got one dead and one still alive and they're locked up. >> as we know, the animal kingdom can be a pretty dangerous place. this video proves it.
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you see joey and chad, two avid hunters. joey had bagged a buck earlier in the day and was trying to locate that deer. but instead he came across this. what you're seeing two bucks locked up. they were obviously in a fight and one has died. >> this is risky. >> now they're going to try to separate the two. >> ready? ready? >> yup. >> huh? >> i'm on it. >> wow. >> that is crazy. >> eventually they get them separated, but here's the peculiar part. these guys are avid outdoorsmen. they said they've never experienced anything like this before, the buck they separated hangs out in the area. >> this guy is still pissed. this is as close as i've ever
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been to a white tail in the wild. >> they start to go toward the deer and it stays back. >> no, don't break out the phone! >> the buck comes charging at these two and they're able to get out of the way. >> whoa, dude. did he get you? >> no, i thought i was about to get gored through the leg. >> a lot of people online in the comments are praising these guys saying you guys did an amazing thing to save this animal. eventually they let this buck be. >> they just wanted to do something nice. >> look what we have. oh, my goodness. here she comes. oh, my goodness.
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she's a good girl. wow, buddy. you're so brave. aw. okay. bye-bye. >> now, there are proposal videos and then there are proposal videos. the handsome fella you're seeing on your screen, that is justin. he's about to proposed to the love of his life, emily. both are successful actors in los angeles. he's standing where they had their first day. justin has told minutes behind you. i'll be there in a minute. >> there's emily. how stunningly gorge out if
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there's a video. in the corner we get to see her reaction. >> baby, i love you. i'm trying to propose. i don't know how to do this. >> so he says i don't know how to do this. but i'm going to go ahead and tell you he knows how to do this. ♪ ♪ >> it's an insync performance singing "god must have spent a little more time on you," white outfit, the whole thing, choreographed to "dancing queen" and then the performance of
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bruno mars' "i want to marry you." and then in walks justin. there's one more touching, beautiful surprise. >> i know your dad can't be here. i just asked your dad if i could marry you. >> that's the end of the internet. >> will you marry me? >> you can't get more romantic than that. >> tell us more about this evening. >> we have justin and emily via skype. how long did it take you to plan this? >> i think it took about a month and a half. all of our friends got together. it was a community effort. everybody new except her and like 500 people september -- kept a secret, which is amazing.
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>> you are already married. where was the wedding? when did the wedding happen? >> july 27th in corona with our family and friends present. it was beautiful. >> it was perfect. >> celebrating the new year by taking a look back at -- >> a year in the life of a winged suit maniac. >> see the jaw dropping stunt sure to wow you. and cancer patients get a new makeover. >> the deal was they had to keep their eyes closed during the entire process. >> how a new look gave them a chance to feel carefree.
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a year in the life of a winged suit maniac. that's what you're seeing in this video, scottie bob, one of probably the most famous winged suitors out there. this is basically a highlight film of scottie bob's winged suit flying crazy stunts. the video is 20 minutes long. look at this. he's skimming the top of these trees, getting really close to the side of this mountain here. looks like he can reach down and pull out some grass or something. this is called the sputnik barn line. >> i wonder what the farmers thinking about this where the people are always flying through there.
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>> here's a difference angle. >> watch what he's about to fly through. >> no way! >> another point he's flying through the clouds. i don't know how he sees where he's going. >> can you imagine if this was a year from your life. imagine if that was your life. what a crazy life. >> and then he down over the and this french line is awesome. just awesome stuff. the enfireeb to
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>> this foundation brought in 20 cancer patients to talk about what they have to go through in a day. and much of what these people had to say talked about pb -- they said let do something for these people, let give them a makeover. but the deal was they had to keep their eyes shut through the entire process of the makeover. >> it was a surprise. >> it was a surprise all right. when they saw the entire process of the makeoff, this is what
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they. >> this is them being carefree and silly. >> cancer takes away your ability to be carefree because it does weigh on your mind and they get to have forever this moment. >> and they'll have the picture. a picture lasts forever. even though they have to take off the make-up and the wig, they can go back to the picture. >> here's the gallery open where everybody got to see the different photographs and that one moment of join. this project is being put to the as a coffee table book to raise money for the foundation. >> it's time for the hat race. see what these dudes are bloeing up to get it off.
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beware the next time you are making breakfast, because there could be demons in your pancakes. >> it's not a demon you will see with your eyes, it's a demon you will hear. >> oh, no way! >> that is cool! >> i've done that before. >> it's just like the vapor, the moisture escaping, right? >> it's demons! >> i don't believe in demons. i choose not to believe in demons. >> well, it could be a demon because if you shift it just the right way, it looks like stalin. >> his mustache right there and his two bushy eyebrows. >> oh, my gosh, i totally see
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it. >> it's actually more like yosemite sam. >> it's like a yosemite sam/stalin. >> looks like a pancake to me. >> looks delicious to me. >> in this corner, it's the blue hat. in this corner the black hat. it's time for the hat race. you're wondering how does the hat race work? watch this video. ♪ ♪ >> no! >> are you fts certainly? what are you noticing? >> their hats are levitating. >> with what? with what? >> they have straw in their mouth and they have classic bags on their heads? >> it is a. >> how is it they conned you?
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>> i was extra large. >> that's scary! >> it is. >> and it looks like black hat was the winner. >> i got to think, though, you might have been at an advantage because the blue hat mighte a heavier hat and is constructive. >> i think it harter to. >> well, if i want to watch a hat race, i'd like for it to be fair. >> that's it for us here at rtm. thanks for joining us and happy new year, everybody.
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. forget those new year's resolutions. just sit on the couch and enjoy some great viral videos "right this minute." >> dude's up on the edge with a goat. >> i just think it's too close. the goat's like i'm outta here, yo, and does this. >> the nimble cliff jump that shows the dude who's boss. >> a wild chase for a wildlife officer, as he corrals the suspect. >> while he's driving down the shoulder of the


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